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Sorry, I meant to say helpless and co dependent. I think its just maybe too hard to be able to trust again in general. Interesting to see the similarities in our personality traits though. Now you sound like a Cancer — it is hard to learn to trust again. Moon girls can get so hurt. Leo is a good bet, though. Take it slowly and make him win your trust.

I can truly attest to this. I myself are am a Cancer my boyfriend is a Leo and he spoils me like no other. He gave me the opportunity to trust and love again.

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I do believe we are perfect for each other because we have the same backgrounds and understand each other so well. Most recent ex is a Leo. Nothing conventional about the sex, very passionate indeed. But the jealousy was by no means cute and very tiresome. Insecure little creature s. King of the jungle my eye. And yes I was spoiled materialistically speaking. Ive dated a leo and he was the sweetest guy i ever met,but this new leo guy i met seems generous but doesnt call me as much and we barely talk … its driving me crazy but i refuse to let him know my feelings as much as im dying to see him again i just cant find it in myself and i wish i could jus get the show on the road but i dont know if hes feeling the same way.

Our first time together was crazy and he said he liked me and said he didnt want a relationship yet and he wants to see how it goes but i do really like this man and ugh im more than attracted lol help! I dated a Leo for 5 years. He was verbally and physically abusive. He belittled me, made me feel stupid and as a Cancer, I stayed longer than I should have. I did a LOT for him! I am a cancer of course. The problem is we were and still are both in a marriage that we were and are not happy in and we found each other to late.

We have talked all these years and he would always tell me, we will be together someday. We both have 2 grown children now and I have come to realize that I made a mistake 27 years ago and should have gone with him when he asked. I spoke with him about it and we are going to meet. I do know one thing though, everything that I read above is true of us.

I am not insecure or have confidence problems, we just were the perfect balance for each other and I really miss that and miss him very much. We both have put our children first but are still in loveless marriages. This is so true! Every word of it. We work so well together. He had all the traits and attributes I had been looking for! I pushed him away.

After 3 months completely apart, we decided to date casually and try to work it out because we were both still as much in love with eachother as the day we first said it out loud. During this time of dating we were not exclusive, he was dumb and irresponsible, and now…. He is such a good man with old fashioned values that he is living with her even though they are not truly compatible. I admire his intentions, but he and I both know we are supposed to be together. He is everyhting that I have ever dreamed for and old fashioned but in a romantic way. He also has a lot of scorpio and sag in his chart where I a cancer sun pisces rising sag moon, find him to be the yang to my yin.

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Simply Beautiful…. I am a cancer woman married to a leo man and this describes exactly what our relationship is like. He is chivalrous, romantic, take charge and spoils me a lot. I am a typical cancer woman very feminine and he adores that in me. He only requires a show of my appreciation and that makes his day. This is the best relationship ever! I am madly in love with a Leo man. For starters, everyone is different. He is very chivalrous, and I am very old fashioned. I have a job and my own car, but when we go out together, we take his car.

He says that he is the man and the man drives. I love it! He can. Ashibba : i have just fallen in love with a leo man, i am a cancer woman of course. Truth to be told, the love was truly beautiful while it lasted. She was loving and always giving… but very stubborn… I guess I was quite easily jealous and possessive… and that drove her nuts… and made me more angry when she was out with other guys even though they were just friends…. Though we tried to work our differences… our stubbornness got the better… and we parted after only 7 months of marriage… I guess like Nathan… distance will truly ruin any relationship, for she was frm another country too… But speaking of her… it is annoying that she see other guys too while being in a relationship… I guess my pride got the better of me when I refused to back down on one particular argument and that finally led to the parting….

Sometimes, I have this slight feeling that she was with someone while we were apart… it is still driving me nuts till today…. I am a cancer woman and have been married to a Leo man for 7 years, all of this and more is true — we have the best relationship I could have ever hoped for and we both know that we have found something truly special.

He is an absolute doll and I always respect that he is a Lion first! I am still madly in love with him, after 7 years, truly a match made in heaven. Hi Nancy:. Like everyday!! What more could you ask for?! He has not done anything for me in that way or attempted to.

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I want to be happy with someone who appreciates me not someone who could care less about me after he gets me. Being honest like he is I asked him to tell me about her…as he spoke about her I could tell that he wasnt over her yet and that he was still in love with her, he said that they were perfect for each other, but she cheated on him and he couldnt go back with her his pride wouldnt let him. That was our third date and I have to say that it did hurt me because I was starting to like him, but I didnt want him to rush into something with me without him getting over his ex.

So last week he met up with her on Wednesday but the day before he had texted me and told me that he missed me and that he was confused and didnt know what he was doing…well i left for the holidays to Mexico and today he sent me a message telling me that he missed me and that he wanted to be with me, that he sat down with her and talked about their situation, he also said that he didnt want to be with her because he said that he can trust her no more and that he wants to be with me…I will be driving home this friday so i will see him then…im happy to hear this, but im going to have to him time for him to heal…im very patient and a nurturer im sure i can give him time…he is a true leo man, he is very honest, open, he has alot of pride and he knows how to treat a lady and i appreciate what he has thought in these couple of days he showed me that men can be different and that good men do exist.

I thought to myself that if he decided to be with her I would be mad at him i would be thankful because he thought me what to search for in a man. I dont know whats going to happen between us only time will tell but I hope it works out…wish me luck…. I am a Cancerian woman and I can quite literally feel how you must be feeling though this has never happened to me.

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So many websites say that Cancerians are afraid if not reluctant to express their feelings, but this is soo untrue! Time is what you need.

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In fact take 6! He is aware I assume of your past disappointments in relationships and when things start to feel serious for Leo men, they withdraw.. So he is possibly having an internal battle between his feelings and not wanting to hurt yours. Take him and yourself off the hook; step back, tell him why- without making it too heavy and just try loving being independent.

WAY toooo much!!! Especially with a Leo male!! Again, step back, be cool, buy some sexy lingerie for your eyes only , things for your body; shower gel, perfume, sensual things that make you feel, smell and look good, so you are loving yourself and trust me you will begin to feel better..

I take showers!

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Find the simple things that centre yourself and everything else will catch up and fall into place. I promise. With love from a total stranger! Oh and I am with a Leo male.. Sorry, Uniqueloveless, the Leo men withdraw statement, is not applying to them in general. They are very brave as are we and they like to be and step up to the role of the one that is needed..

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I was referring to younger Leo males, who may not be ready or sure of a deeper commitment.. I was so in love with him and I thought he loved me. He used to treat me like crap.